To Summarize Buffalo

To Summarize Buffalo

To the Buffalo Dream Center, specifically the Johns family:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve the people of Buffalo last week. At times, it was physically and emotionally stressful. Even more, it was incredibly fulfilling to be welcomed to join in the harvest you have been sowing in to for so long.

There's still much for me to process and a lot more for me to say than the little I am here. For now, I will summarize my experience by typing out something I felt God speaking to me during the trip.

You were an abused child. That was your normal.
You were an anxious, self-hating, angry teenager. That was your normal.
I took your anger and made you gentle. That became your normal.

You were sick and incapable. That was your normal.
I healed you. That became your normal.

You were scared, shy and felt unworthy. That was your normal.
You stepped out in faith to teach. That became your normal.
I called you to speak to congregations. That is becoming your normal.

Step out in faith again. Step out of comfort again.
Step out of normal again. I will make it your normal again.